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Irssi Quotes System v1.2

  1. !quote [id] - Shows the quote with that id, or a random quote if none is used.
  2. !search <string> - Searches for *string* - SQL-style wildcards.
  3. !whoset <id> - Shows the author of the quote under that id.
  4. !addquote <text> - Adds a quote in the database.
  5. !db - Prints number of non-deleted quotes in the database.
  6. /delquote <id> - Deletes a quote (actually it just marks the quote as deleted, nobody will be able to see it unless you restore it)
  7. /restore <id> - Restores a quote.

In order to install the irssi quotes system you have to do the following:

  1. Download
  2. Execute it: mysql -p yourdbname < irssi_quotes.sql
  3. Go to your Irssi scripts directory, normally it is ~/.irssi/scripts/
  4. Download
  5. Open with your favorite text editor and edit these variables:
$database = ('yourdbname');
$username = ('dbuser');
$password = ('dbpass');

  1. By default only ops can add quotes, in order to change that edit this:
$addqlevel = ('1');
# 1 - only +o users can add quotes
# 2 - only +o and +v users can add quotes
# 3 - everyone can add quotes

  1. Save it as
  2. In your Irssi client type: /script load

  3. That's it! If you want the script to be loaded automatically at startup, put in the ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ directory. If the directory doesn't exist, create it. If you have problems or you find bugs feel free to contact me via my Contact page, or on (my nickname is Mitko).